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On the pre-approved vendors list for the government sector, at SIMCO we understand the need for consistency, efficiency and reliability on your construction projects.

From simple refurbishments to full builds, you want someone who can effectively manage your project whilst ensuring that it is delivered on time, on budget and to government statutory requirements.

Luckily thanks to our extensive experience in this sector you can enjoy such reassurance.

From day one we will ensure one of our team are always on hand to supervise and manage your project, whilst supplying you with some of the best sub-contractors in the industry. In fact, we currently manage over 60+ trade contractors, enabling us to take into account your budget needs, timeframes and personal preferences, so we can provide the best service for you.

To date we have worked on a variety of construction maintenance projects.

From schools & TAFE colleges to emergency service depots
(ambulance and fire station), train stations and platforms; we have won contracts for the NSW Department of Education, TAFE NSW and Transport for NSW.